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Professional Thermal Remediation For Bed Bugs
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Thermal Remediation Also Called Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

Thermal remediation has been found to be the most effective bed bug treatment available because it uses their biology and behavior against them. When bed bugs are looking for a blood meal, they search for humans by detecting body heat and carbon dioxide emitted from breath. During a heat treatment, the bed bugs sense the rising temperatures and actually leave their hiding places to move towards the source of the heat. As the temperatures rise into the “Kill Zone”, (120-135 degrees Fahrenheit) the bed bugs are left susceptible to the rising heat as it is distributed evenly throughout the treatment with high-powered fans.

Thermal Remediation For Bed Bugs

Evans Pest Control Provides Efficient New Technology For The Treatment Of Bed Bugs

The process begins with the Evans Pest Control technician placing specialized heating unit in the service area along with high powered fans. As the mobile heating unit raises the temperature of the room to the Kill Zone, the service professionals will begin rotating items (clothes, couch cushions, etc.) the service area to ensure the heat is able to spread evenly. Meanwhile, bed bugs become visibly active as they detect the increase in the temperature. Eventually, the temperatures rise above what all stages of bed bugs are able to withstand, thus bringing another successful Thermal Remediation treatment to a close.

Conventional liquid treatments for bed bugs have not been found to eliminate bed bugs at all stages of life in a single treatment, especially eggs. Also, these treatments involve a great deal of preparation and inconvenience for the resident. Heat treatments only require one treatment because the heat is able to permeate through the treatment area to kill all stages of bed bug life. Three words, “One and Done”! Simply put, only one heat treatment is required to eradicate a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment
Our portable propane forced-air heaters deliver high volumes of heat. The heaters are placed within the targeted area, introducing and re-circulating heated air for maximum efficiency.
Airflow And Temperature Monitoring
Probes and sensors are used to track the heating progress and to ensure proper heat penetration in all places where bugs can take refuge.
Bed Bug Treatment - One Treatment Eradication
The system allows heat to penetrate behind cracks and into crevices, ensuring that pest eradication is a complete success.